New Year Fireworks

New Year Fireworks

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Anna Hazara - 2011 Gandhi

Anna Hazare

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2012 New Year Cards

New Year Cards

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2011 Technology


1. Era of Tablets.

Bill Gates had a dream that every home should have desktop computer.  The dream was fullfilled.  Coumputer desktop changed the world.

In last decade  - laptop and notebook took place of desktop.  Working from home, work while travelling require a computer that can travelw ith us.

From 2011  - it is obvious that  Touch screen and Tablets are going to take over Laptops. There are hundreds of tablet pc  in market from multiple hardware and software vendors.

2. IPAD 2, IPhone 4s

anything with I in begining was hit in 2011.  IPAD 2, IPhone 4-S has been very successfull.

3. Kinect

Wii, Sony playstation were successful. Kinect was huge success in 2010 and in 2011. XBOX was famous for top graphics. Combined with Kinect Sensor it is revolution in gaming industry.


5. Cloud

Cloud , cloud - was a buz world. It has become reality now. 

In 1940s - every cbig company used to have their own electricity plant.  After a decade things changed - companies focused on building core products and not on producing electricity. Similar things are happening in cloud hosting.  Companies are going to focus on core competencies and not on managing IT infrastructure