New Year Fireworks

New Year Fireworks

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Anna Hazara - 2011 Gandhi

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2012 New Year Cards

New Year Cards

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2011 worst

1. Osame Bin Laden protected by Pak Army

Although Osama was killed 10 year after Sep 1, 2001.  The finding of Osama shattered the trust.  US has been giving money to Pak to catch Osama and battle in Afghanistan. Osama was living in Abbottabad  next to Pakistan Military camp. The operation to kill Osama was executed very well. However it was done without informing to pakistan.

2. Dirty Politics of Dig Vijay singh  -

Mr digvijay singh a politician from India kept on vomitting stange remark during whole year.  He was very vocal against Baba Ramdev and against Anna Hazare. Everything is fair for these politician.   The shocking thing was 300+ people died in terrorist attack. The attacker came from Pakistan.  The attacker were killed and one is captured and in jail.  Mr Digvjay singh tried to claim that people died in attack (especially the head of Mumbai police was in threat from Hindu terrorist.  ).  Disgusting !!

He did not stopped here.  After terrorist Osama was killed - he referred him as Osam ji (Respected Osama or Sir Osama).

He is trying to please a certain community to get votes.But there is no limit for Digvijay. It was unpatrioctic as well as most stupid.

3. Drama on Lok Pal bill.

The 2011 year highlight was Lokpal bill.  In spite of all drama on Dec 29 - the bill was not passed.

The way bill was presented  was full of drama.  There were different views.

4. Corruption Scandel

 A series of corruption scandel has been exposed.  A Raja,  any other ministars went to jail.

  • Spectrum Allocation Scam
  • Goa mining scam
  • Indian Black Money in Swiss Banks
  • BL Kashyap - EPFO Scam (169 crore)
  • Investment scam (1000 Crore)
  • Bellary mines scandal
  • Bain India incident