Jan-01	Sunday	New Year's Day	National holiday
Jan-02	Monday	New Year Holiday Week	National holiday
Jan-03	Tuesday	New Year Holiday Week	National holiday
Jan-04	Wednesday	New Year Holiday Week	National holiday
Jan-05	Thursday	New Year Holiday Week	National holiday
Jan-06	Friday	New Year Holiday Week	National holiday
Jan-07	Saturday	Orthodox Christmas Day	"National holiday, Orthodox"
Jan-14	Saturday	Old New Year	Observance
Feb-14	Tuesday	Valentine's Day	Observance
Feb-23	Thursday	Defender of the Fatherland Day	National holiday
Feb-24	Friday	Defender of the Fatherland Day holiday	National holiday
Feb-27	Monday	Special Operations Forces Day	De facto holiday
Mar-08	Wednesday	International Women's Day	National holiday
Mar-20	Monday	March equinox	Season
Apr-16	Sunday	Orthodox Easter Day	"Observance, Orthodox"
May-01	Monday	Spring and Labor Day	National holiday
May-08	Monday	Extra holiday in lieu of Jan. 7	National holiday
May-09	Tuesday	Victory Day	National holiday
Jun-12	Monday	Russia Day	National holiday
Jun-21	Wednesday	June Solstice	Season
Sep-22	Friday	September equinox	Season
Nov-04	Saturday	Unity Day	National holiday
Nov-06	Monday	Unity Day observed	National holiday
Dec-21	Thursday	December Solstice	Season

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