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Choose the Right Career

The worry of choosing the right career begins right now..!! You might have chosen earlier. You might have decided in early age what you will become after you grow up.  However world has changed in last year and in last decade.  The job market has changed drastically.  It is time to re-evaluate your choice and make correction, changes.  Choosing a perfect career for you is rather a tedious job. One has to take the big decision of choosing the right career path among the wide jungle of career options available in the world. If the choice is carefully made it is evitable that success is not far from you and in this process one must correctly assess his abilities and aim in life.

Consulting with a career counselor or career development professional or career development facilitator may prove beneficial in making decision.

Having a look at your values, hobbies, interests and personality may also help in decision making. Some points should be taken care of while planning our career wisely.[Soft Break][Soft Break]Now the Steps

1. Self Evaluation

The first step to ensure selection of a proper career is to do a thorough self-evaluation of your skills, interests, values, goals and personality. Determine your transferable skills like management and leadership experience, communication skills, research and program planning, public speaking, conflict resolution and mediation, time management and computer skills.

You can take help of several career inventories and online Career tests to guide you discover yourself. Questions and quizzes can better help you in identifying the important thing for you in a career, what interests you and in what skills you outshine. You can browse career options on the basis of these.

2. Identify occupations that match your interests

After sorting out the list of occupations take enough time to research about each option. Many traditional and modern tools are available to explore the distinguished career options. Now-a-days internet masters them all. Internet contains plenty of information from the required qualifications, education, training, skills needed for particular careers, description of positions to average salaries to anticipated future growth.

Also a visit to the local library or bookstore, and researching about the information regarding different careers keep you well informed.

3. Get support and information from others

Holding a conversion with someone who is already engaged in your choice of profession will earn you more information. Networking is the keyword of Today’s World. Meeting and discussions with people will build connections in your career area, which would then help you with better career opportunities in the future.

4. Speak with a Career Counselor

If you seem like going no where and are still confused there are professional career counselor to help you!!!

Seeing the importance of a career counselor in decision making, many colleges and universities offer counseling services free of charge. The career counselors plan your career by a variety of assessments and tools.

5.  Develop your skills

Now it’s the time to develop or brush up the career skills according to your chosen career… There are many ways to gain needed skills.  Volunteering or Internship not only develop the required skills but also benefit by forming a network. Some fields need special training. If so is the case, taking the specific education as per your convenience will definitely help you.

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