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BOXING DAY SALE - perfect opportunity  

Yes, you should buy christmas gift for loved ones.  You should buy gift that you can afford. With so many products in market you will always have desire to buy things that you might not be able to afford.  Just wait for Boxing day and some of these fancy things might be within your reach.




Smart Phone, Pocket PC, Laptop, HDTV, 3 D TV, - electronics product come on sale from Boxing day to middle of January.  You will get lot of deals - buy 1 phone get 1 free.  If you need to buy for electronics at home you can try thanks giving /chritsmas deal.  Always be open to look around on Boxing Day and after.


Gift package


 Packed gift -  these will be available from boxing day on throw away prices.  The gift like beauty supply, perfumes, deodrant, fancy bath product - all become available at very cheap prices. You may want to get this for household.

One Big retail chain once sold 25 GBP (pound) gift pack in 10 GBP.  The gift pack contained 15 GBP voucher. Can you imagine?




Clothes specifically winter clothes come on sale on Boxing day.  In UK, France and other european places Boxing Day sale are great for clothing, bath, beauty products.  Shops like Boots, Next, Macy, Addidas, Gap, Rebook, put their consumer products on sale.

Wine or liquor

Wine and liquor product come on sale specifically packed as Gift.  You can keep wine for long time, so good time to collect some wine bottles.