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New Year in Europe

In medieval times, Europeans celebrated the New Year on December 25 along with Christmas. But in 1582, Pope Gregory III ordered the adoption of the Gregorian calendar and January 1 was officially adopted as New Year's Day. Since then, this day is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. European New Year is welcomed with songs and special gifts.

New Year's Tradition in Europe

Traditions and customs make a nice New Year celebration. In Europe, these traditions are followed from the medieval period. People practice these traditions seriously and devotionally. Some of the most important traditions are briefed below:

Tradition of First-Footing

A very old tradition of "first-footing" is practiced seriously in Europe till date. When the clock strikes midnight, a male stranger must be the first person to enter the house. It is supposed to bring luck and prosperity for the family. Visitors should bring lump of coal, bread and salt. These visitors traditionally greet family members saying: "Lang may your lum reek" (Long may your chimney smoke). There is also an old tradition of gift-giving in Europe. It is regarded as the best way to warm color New Year blessings and wishes.

Tradition to Make Noise

In Europe, people follow the custom of making noise to welcome the new year. New Year's parties are a matter of noise in Europe. This is done to scare all evil spirits. People burst massive firecrackers, blow horns, trumpets, whistles and bells to celebrate the fresh New Year.

Europeans believe in tradition of fortune-telling and follow it earnestly. Some people are very superstitious and believe that the future-forecast will make them aware of anything new for them in the coming year.

New Year's Celebrations in Europe

New Year celebration is highlighted with bright lights and noisy crackers. Bonfires and fireworks are visible all around. splurge of the population of Europe at parties, lavish dinners, drinks and dancing. There are concerts and shows specially organized for the New Year.

New Year Parade is the most fun of the festival. A very big New Year parade takes place in Rome every year. Thousands of people gather on St Peter's Square to receive the blessings of the Pope.

In northern Europe, a famous New Year ceremony will held. This is called 'Up-Helly-Aa'. The locals in this area dress up as Vikings and parade around the main town of Lerwick. They keep burning torchlights to cast away darkness in the area. The ceremony ends with the launch of a Viking ship and bonfires.