Everyone buy gift for Christmas! After Christmas all gift items are on sale!

Crazy Sale

Example : - Boots in UK had gift pack of 25 $. The pack contains beauty related stuff and 15$ boots voucher. Gift pack was on sale in 10$. It means in 10$ you get 15$ voucher!!!!!

Gift Items

good deals are all around - books, Gift pack, Beauty, perfume, deodrant! For Valentine day buy a gift in new year sale

If you need to gift someone in January, Feburary - New year sale is perfect time


electronics items are generally not on sale after New year. If there is sale, it generally goes from Boxing day to 2nd of January


Clothes - generally have great sale after Christmas. Best time to buy yourself. As it is near end of Winter, winter clothes, Leather jacket get great discount.


Cars - as it is end of year Car of previous year are on sale since Nov, Dec. Begining of January the prices goes further down for previous year model

Wine or liquor

Wine and liquor product come on sale during new specifically packed as Gift.  You can keep wine for long time, so good time to collect some wine bottles.


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