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New Year Celebrations


Everyone wants to celebrate on New Year eve on Dec 31 and want to welcome Jan 1 with a style.

In all countries - there is tradition of parties.

Almost all restaurants charge a ticket on New Year eve and tickets get sold months in advance.  So if you want to enjoy party at club or restaurants - you need to book in advance and pay a premium price.

Precaution for going to party

Lot of people drink in clubs , restaurants.  One should not mix - drink and driving.  Take a cab home if you are drinking.  Cops are fully aware of this and you would find lot of checks happening on roads.  So be extra  careful with your speed limit even if you are  driving.

EEven if you are not mixing - drink and drive, others might do. 


Staying at home

Not everyone like parties - that too late in night.  New Year is just after Christmas.  Most of you would be going back to work post Jan 1. 

From perspective of crowd, holidays - going to parties can be stress if you do not enjoy it.  There are number of things you can do at home

  • Rest, Relax
  • Watch great TV programme - special programme for new year eve. Also watch on TV - what is happening in each part of world on new year eve.
  • Cook great food or order food for home.
  • Enjoy Food, drink whatever you like at home. 


Get together at home


You can also plan a get together and pot luck at home.

Multiple families can join for party at home.

If host has a big yard - this can be fun for dance.  Just be careful about your neighbour.

There are number of games that can be organized to make - new year eve fun place.