Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We wish you 365 days of happiness for full year. Here are things we should expect and do to make 2012 happier for mankind. Improve Job market and economy. Stop terrorism. Stop spending on war. Improve health care.
Happy New Year in different languages

Happy New Year in 100 language

Happy New year in 100 languages. Impress your friends and loved one in sending Happy New Year in their language. Happy New year in Herbew, Happy New year in Chinese, Happy New year in Indian, European languages

New Year Cards

Send Cards to your loved one - cards of flowers, cards of inspiration, cards for wishes for new year, cards for celebration and fireworks, cards of parties. Choose the card that suits you. ..
Miss universe 2015

Miss World 2014 Winner

PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH from PHILIPPINES won 2015 Miss Universe title. She is 26 year old..
Miss World 2014 first runner up

First runner up

Ariadna Gutierrez is first runner up in 2015 Miss universe. She is from Columbia.
Miss world 2014 2nd runner up

Miss World 2014 2nd runner up

Olivia Jordan is 2nd runner up in 2015 Miss world. She is from United States.
Miss world 2014

Miss World 2014 Winner

Rolene Strauss won 2014 Miss World title. She is from South Africa..
Miss World 2014 first runner up

First runner up

Edina Kulcsar is first runner up in 2014 Miss world. She is from Hungary.
Miss world 2014 2nd runner up

Miss World 2014 2nd runner up

Elizebeth Safrit is 2nd runner up in 2014 Miss world. She is from United States.
Miss Universe 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Winner

Gabriela Isler won 2013 Miss Universe title. She is from Venezuela. In 2013 she is 25 years old. Her height is 5 feet 10 inches.
Miss Universe First runner up

First runner up

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez was first runner up of 2013 Miss universe. She is from Spain. In 2013 she was 23 year old and 5 feet 8 inch tall.
2012 Miss world

Miss Universe 2nd runner up

Constanza Baez was 2nd runner up for 2013 Miss universe competion. She is from Ecuador. In year 2013 she was 22 year old. She is 5 feet 9 inch tall.
Miss World 2010

Miss World 2010

Alexandria Mills of USA won Miss World 2010 title. Miss World competition was scheduled to be held in Vietnam. However Vietnam has to cancel the event and it was scheduled in China.
Miss World 2011

Miss World 2011

She lost her both parents at age of 8. Even then she is inspiration - She is Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares from Venezuela who won Miss World 2011 in London
2012 Miss world

Miss World 2012

Yu Wenxia from China won this year Miss World competition. Miss World 2012 was held in Ordos China. 116 beautiful ladies contested for Miss world. ..


Celebrate new year with a style - whether staying at home with loved ones, or want to go to party. Get to know various options for making your new year eve most memorable....
Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Christmas literally means "Mass of Christ." Christmas holiday is a traditional holiday in the Christian Calendar.The festival of Christmas takes place on 25th December.Every year on 25th December people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ....
Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day

February 14 is celebrated annually around the world, such as Valentine's Day, a magical day for all people breathe the air of love. Young hearts feel a keen sense of anticipation for Valentine's Day.......

Holidays and Festival

As a multicultural and multi-religious country, world celebrates holidays and festivals of various religions. Most of the India public holidays are religious holidays, with only three nationally celebrated secular public holidays: Republic Day, Independence Day, and the Gandhi Jayanti....

Astrology Prediciton and horoscope

Free horoscope for next year. Enter your astrology sign and see astrology prediciton for Aquarius , Aries , Cancer, Capricorn , Gemini , Leo , Libra , Pisces , Sagittarius , Scorpia , Taurus , Virgo

Express Love in new year

New Year is best time for resolution and next year goal. Plan how you will express your love on valentine day.....

New Year Resolution

New Year's resolution is commitment to ensuring that the person is the project or reform of the way, often a change of lifestyle, which is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name derives from the fact that these commitments normally go into force on New Year's Day.....

New Year Forecast

Predicting future is extremly difficult. We expect companies will focus on adding more value to their product and hence succeed in future. Individual will avoid unnecessary spending and focus on saving

New Year career and jobs

If you are or will be entering into Job market in 2011 or in future. It is time to reevaluate your career goal for changed time. look what skills are important for future ahead..

Movies Released in this year

Here are list of movies released in this year. See list of English movies, Indian Movies of the year.....

Cricket Matches

See list of cricket matches playes in this year, upcoming matches. List describe best matches of year.

Cars of year

How car technology is changing every year. Here are this year model with ranking

Miss Universe

See names and photos of Miss Universe winner, Ist runner up, 2nd runner up

Miss World

Miss World Contest - here are winners of beauty competition.

Miss International

Here are Miss International winner of last year.

New Year in USA

The first day of Gregorian calendar is New Year.  It is after 1 week of Christmas and at end of Holiday peiriod.  Everyone is in perfect mood for leaving previous year and geered up to go to next year. Learn the celebration event in East coast, West coast, Central USA

New Year in Europe

Different countries in Europe celeberate the new year in different ways. Paris has spectacular view of eiffeltower. London Eye and Tower of London are main attractions in London. Italy, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland has own attractions.

New Year in Asia

New year is bigger festival than Christmas specially in India. Very special events, parties are organized in club hotels in all over India. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad 5 star hotels organized various parites. ..