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Party Tips


New Year Party Tips

Know the guests and occasion
Have a clear idea about who the guests are and what the ocassion is. This will help you create the right ambience. A homogeneous group can call for an intimate do but if the guests are from different backgrounds, your party requires variations in menu and arrangements.

Stick to your area of expertise
Parties are not the time to experiment - who needs the added stress of unpredictability? The best recipe is the one you can make with your eyes closed. Don't complicate things or be over ambitious. If the urge strikes you to branch out, give it a trial run beforehand.

Prep your fridge to save time
Fill your fridge safely as well as smartly.Place raw meats away from fruits and vegetables. The vegetables that are growing to be frozen to be used on the day of the party should be cooked - either balanced or boiled. Raw vegetables that are frozen will lose their texture once thawed and will become too soft You can freeze the gravies of your dishes and boiled pasta as well. Ready-to-fry snacks bought from groceries have great value as they suit the Indian palate and are a great option for the kids.

Extra help and caterers
When hiring help, designate their duties beforehand to avoid confusion. If you're appointing any catering company know what they do best. If they excel in certain cuisines, alter your menu accordingly to get the best out of them.