2011 - Wish you 365 days of happiness

We wish you Happy Full year and not First day of new year.  Here are things we wish will go well.

Year 2011 is expected to bring happiness and prosperity after tough year 2009, 2010.  In fact the last decade brought lot of unrest.  We wish more businesses, more jobs, peace will be created in coming year and next decade.


What world need in 2011


1.       More Jobs and less unemployment

2.       End/ control on Terrorism

3.       Peace and nuclear disarmament.  Reduce the number of wars fought every decade.

4.       Revolution in health sector – treatment for diseases like cancer, AIDS 



More Jobs and less unemployment

In 2011, People will buy things to fulfill their need and not their want.  To be a successful employee and employer – here are our suggestion

a.       bsp;      There will be pressure for cost cutting. Big companies need to reduce overhead. Companies making luxurious good need to work hard to survive.  Customer who wants to buy premium produce will have lot of choices.

b.      Sr. mgmt/high pay executive have difficulty in justifying their salary. Employees who have not upgraded the skills to match their salary will be at tough spot.  Before you ask for a raise, ensure you are adding enough value in job.

c.       The advancement in communication, internet start-ups/freelancer will be able to provide services at cheaper rate.  If you can provide value at cheaper rate (working from home and saving from office, travel cost) then do not hesitate to start something on your own.  You will get customers. 


Peace and End of War

2000-2010 was a decade for terrorism and war.  Attack on WTC, terrorism attacks in Asia and Europe were in lime light. The list is endless and we do not want to discuss it here.  Lot of money is spent on War in Afghanistan, Iraq.  It is high that mankind should end


·         Terrorism

·         War


There is already lot of challenges in world – natural disaster, diseases.  On top of this human create more trouble for themselves.  The only thing they should be fighting with is


·         Hunger

·         Natural disaster

·         Diseases


Revolution in Health Sector

Mankind has made lot of progress in health care. We may or may not get answer to all health problem with traditional surgical methods.  Such progress should continue.  In addition more and more focus should shift to different kind of treatment such as Acue-pressure, homeopathy etc.  There should be a consolidated treatment that integrates traditional treatment and natural treatments.





What we desire/expect in 2011


1.       Technology enhancement

a.       Usage of mobile phone in place of computer will increase dramatically.  People will start using mobile for business and social.

b.      Slate, touch screen, surface computing will start replacing desktop

2.       Stock market bounce back by 5%

3.       Housing market is expected to be stable.  So more people will enjoy the home.


What can go wrong/ we should keep a watch


1.       Global warming has impacted weather across the world.  More and More changes in weather is going to bring surprises.

2.       Accidents in industries