List of Happy New Year resolutions

Excercise,get in shape and eat helathy

Try to be happy and take less Stress

Stop Smoking !

Spend some quality time with your family!

Stop Procrastinating

Respect Elders!

Adopt a Pet!

Travel the World!

Less screen time!

Save Money!

Gain some active lifestyle !

Become more polite!

Shed your Anger - Try to be more patient!

Learn to be happy !

Try to get more sleep!

Sleep on time.

Read books!

Set your Goals!

Stop wasting money !

Pick some hobby!

Enroll in Gym!

Quit Drinking!

Clear all your Debts!!

Do some volunteer work!

Learn to forgive - give up all your Grudges!!

Become more Organized!

Leave your Ego!

Learn some new Skill !

Stop blaming others!

Plan a Vacation!

Find a little Relax time!

Become independent and Self- Reliant

Don't Tolerate Wrong! Defend Yourself-Protect Yourself!

Start facing your fears!

Don't give Money more priority than your family!

Concentrate your Mental health!

Start doing Yoga!

Fix your relationship !!

Discover Yourself!

Try to remember important dates !