Holidays in Afghanistan

Holidays in United States in 2017				
Date	Weekday	Holiday Name	Holiday Type	Where It is Observed
Jan-01	Sunday	Last Day of Chanukah	Jewish holiday	
Jan-01	Sunday	New Year's Day	Federal Holiday	
Jan-02	Monday	New Year's Day observed	Federal Holiday	
Jan-06	Friday	Epiphany	Christian	
Jan-07	Saturday	Orthodox Christmas Day	Orthodox	
Jan-13	Friday	Lee Jackson Day	State holiday	Virginia
Jan-13	Friday	Stephen Foster Memorial Day	Observance	
Jan-14	Saturday	Orthodox New Year	Orthodox	
Jan-16	Monday	Martin Luther King Day	Federal Holiday	
Jan-16	Monday	Robert E Lee's Birthday	State holiday	Alabama, Arkansas
Jan-16	Monday	State Holiday	State holiday	Mississippi
Jan-16	Monday	Idaho Human Rights Day	State holiday	Idaho
Jan-16	Monday	Civil Rights Day	State holiday	Arizona, New Hampshire
Jan-19	Thursday	Robert E Lee's Birthday	State holiday	Florida
Jan-19	Thursday	State Holiday	State holiday	Texas
Jan-20	Friday	Inauguration Day	State holiday	DC, LA, MD, VA
Jan-28	Saturday	Chinese New Year	Observance	
Jan-29	Sunday	Kansas Day	Observance	
Feb-01	Wednesday	National Freedom Day	Observance	
Feb-02	Thursday	Groundhog Day	Observance	
Feb-03	Friday	National Wear Red Day	Observance	
Feb-04	Saturday	Rosa Parks Day	Local observance	California, Ohio
Feb-11	Saturday	Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat	Jewish holiday	
Feb-12	Sunday	Lincoln's Birthday	State holiday	CT, IL, MO, NY
Feb-12	Sunday	Lincoln's Birthday	Local observance	Florida
Feb-13	Monday	Lincoln's Birthday observed	State holiday	CT, IL, MO, NY
Feb-14	Tuesday	Valentine's Day	Observance	
Feb-14	Tuesday	Statehood Day in Arizona	Local observance	Arizona
Feb-15	Wednesday	Susan B Anthony's Birthday	Local observance	CA, FL, NY, WI
Feb-20	Monday	Presidents' Day	Federal Holiday	
Feb-20	Monday	Daisy Gatson Bates Day	State holiday	Arkansas
Feb-24	Friday	Maha Shivaratri	Hindu Holiday	
Feb-28	Tuesday	Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras	Observance	
Feb-28	Tuesday	Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras	State holiday	Alabama, Louisiana
Feb-28	Tuesday	Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras	Local observance	Florida
Feb-28	Tuesday	Linus Pauling Day	Local observance	Oregon
Mar-01	Wednesday	Ash Wednesday	Christian	
Mar-01	Wednesday	St. David's Day	Observance	
Mar-02	Thursday	Texas Independence Day	State holiday	Texas
Mar-02	Thursday	Read Across America Day	Observance	
Mar-03	Friday	Employee Appreciation Day	Observance	
Mar-06	Monday	Casimir Pulaski Day	State holiday	Illinois
Mar-07	Tuesday	Town Meeting Day Vermont	State holiday	
Mar-12	Sunday	Holi	Hindu Holiday	
Mar-12	Sunday	Purim	Jewish holiday	
Mar-12	Sunday	Daylight Saving Time starts	Clock change/Daylight Saving Time	
Mar-17	Friday	St. Patrick's Day	Observance	
Mar-17	Friday	Evacuation Day	State holiday	Massachusetts
Mar-20	Monday	March equinox	Season	
Mar-25	Saturday	Maryland Day	Local observance	Maryland
Mar-26	Sunday	Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day	State holiday	Hawaii
Mar-27	Monday	Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day observed	State holiday	Hawaii
Mar-27	Monday	Seward's Day	State holiday	Alaska
Mar-31	Friday	César Chávez Day	State holiday	CA, CO*, TX*
Apr-02	Sunday	Pascua Florida Day	Local observance	Florida
Apr-03	Monday	Pascua Florida Day observed	Local observance	Florida
Apr-06	Thursday	National Tartan Day	Observance	
Apr-09	Sunday	Palm Sunday	Christian	
Apr-11	Tuesday	Passover (first day)	Jewish holiday	
Apr-11	Tuesday	National Library Workers' Day	Observance	
Apr-13	Thursday	Maundy Thursday	Christian	
Apr-13	Thursday	Thomas Jefferson's Birthday	Observance	
Apr-14	Friday	Orthodox Good Friday	Orthodox	
Apr-14	Friday	Good Friday	State holiday	13 states
Apr-15	Saturday	Holy Saturday	Christian	
Apr-15	Saturday	Orthodox Holy Saturday	Orthodox	
Apr-15	Saturday	Father Damien Day	Local observance	Hawaii
Apr-16	Sunday	Orthodox Easter	Orthodox	
Apr-16	Sunday	Easter Sunday	Observance, Christian	
Apr-16	Sunday	Emancipation Day	State holiday	District of Columbia
Apr-17	Monday	Orthodox Easter Monday	Orthodox	
Apr-17	Monday	Easter Monday	Christian	
Apr-17	Monday	Emancipation Day observed	State holiday	District of Columbia
Apr-17	Monday	Patriot's Day	State holiday	Maine, Massachusetts
Apr-18	Tuesday	Last Day of Passover	Jewish holiday	
Apr-18	Tuesday	Tax Day	Observance	
Apr-21	Friday	San Jacinto Day	State holiday	Texas
Apr-22	Saturday	Oklahoma Day	Local observance	Oklahoma
Apr-24	Monday	Yom HaShoah	Jewish holiday	
Apr-24	Monday	Isra and Mi'raj	Muslim	
Apr-24	Monday	Confederate Memorial Day	State holiday	Alabama, Florida
Apr-24	Monday	State Holiday	State holiday	Georgia
Apr-24	Monday	State Holiday	State holiday	Mississippi
Apr-26	Wednesday	State Holiday	Local observance	Florida
Apr-26	Wednesday	Administrative Professionals Day	Observance	
Apr-27	Thursday	Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day	Observance	
Apr-28	Friday	Arbor Day	State holiday	Nebraska
May-01	Monday	Law Day	Observance	
May-01	Monday	Loyalty Day	Observance	
May-02	Tuesday	Yom Ha'atzmaut	Jewish holiday	
May-04	Thursday	Kent State Shootings Remembrance	Local observance	Ohio
May-04	Thursday	National Day of Prayer	Observance	
May-04	Thursday	Rhode Island Independence Day	Local observance	Rhode Island
May-05	Friday	Cinco de Mayo	Observance	
May-06	Saturday	National Nurses Day	Observance	
May-06	Saturday	National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day	Observance	
May-08	Monday	Truman Day	State holiday	Missouri
May-10	Wednesday	State Holiday	State holiday	South Carolina
May-10	Wednesday	State Holiday	Local observance	North Carolina
May-14	Sunday	Lag BaOmer	Jewish holiday	
May-14	Sunday	Mother's Day	Observance	
May-15	Monday	Peace Officers Memorial Day	Observance	
May-19	Friday	National Defense Transportation Day	Observance	
May-20	Saturday	Armed Forces Day	Observance	
May-22	Monday	National Maritime Day	Observance	
May-22	Monday	Harvey Milk Day	Local observance	California
May-24	Wednesday	Emergency Medical Services for Children Day	Observance	
May-25	Thursday	Ascension Day	Christian	
May-25	Thursday	National Missing Children's Day	Observance	
May-27	Saturday	Ramadan starts	Muslim	
May-29	Monday	Memorial Day	Federal Holiday	
May-29	Monday	Jefferson Davis Birthday	Local observance	Mississippi
May-31	Wednesday	Shavuot	Jewish holiday	
Jun-01	Thursday	Statehood Day	Local observance	Kentucky, Tennessee
Jun-03	Saturday	Jefferson Davis Birthday	Local observance	Florida
Jun-04	Sunday	Pentecost	Christian	
Jun-05	Monday	Whit Monday	Christian	
Jun-05	Monday	Jefferson Davis Birthday	State holiday	Alabama
Jun-06	Tuesday	D-Day	Observance	
Jun-11	Sunday	Trinity Sunday	Christian	
Jun-11	Sunday	Kamehameha Day	State holiday	Hawaii
Jun-12	Monday	Kamehameha Day observed	State holiday	Hawaii
Jun-14	Wednesday	Army Birthday	Observance	
Jun-14	Wednesday	Flag Day	Observance	
Jun-15	Thursday	Corpus Christi	Christian	
Jun-16	Friday	Bunker Hill Day observed	State holiday	Massachusetts
Jun-17	Saturday	Bunker Hill Day	State holiday	Massachusetts
Jun-18	Sunday	Father's Day	Observance	
Jun-19	Monday	Juneteenth	Local observance	All except Am. Samoa, AZ, HI, MD, MP, MT, ND, NH, SD, TX, UT, Virg. Is.
Jun-19	Monday	Emancipation Day	State holiday	Texas
Jun-20	Tuesday	West Virginia Day	State holiday	West Virginia
Jun-20	Tuesday	American Eagle Day	Observance	
Jun-21	Wednesday	Lailat al-Qadr	Muslim	
Jun-21	Wednesday	June Solstice	Season	
Jun-26	Monday	Eid al-Fitr	Muslim	
Jul-04	Tuesday	Independence Day	Federal Holiday	
Jul-23	Sunday	Parents' Day	Observance	
Jul-24	Monday	Pioneer Day	State holiday	Utah
Jul-27	Thursday	National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day	Observance	
Aug-01	Tuesday	Tisha B'Av	Jewish holiday	
Aug-01	Tuesday	Colorado Day	Local observance	Colorado
Aug-04	Friday	Coast Guard Birthday	Observance	
Aug-07	Monday	Raksha Bandhan	Hindu Holiday	
Aug-07	Monday	Purple Heart Day	Observance	
Aug-14	Monday	Janmashtami	Hindu Holiday	
Aug-14	Monday	Victory Day	State holiday	Rhode Island
Aug-15	Tuesday	Assumption of Mary	Christian	
Aug-16	Wednesday	Bennington Battle Day	State holiday	Vermont
Aug-18	Friday	Statehood Day in Hawaii	State holiday	Hawaii
Aug-19	Saturday	National Aviation Day	Observance	
Aug-21	Monday	Senior Citizens Day	Observance	
Aug-24	Thursday	Ganesh Chaturthi	Hindu Holiday	
Aug-26	Saturday	Women's Equality Day	Observance	
Aug-27	Sunday	Lyndon Baines Johnson Day	State holiday	Texas
Sep-02	Saturday	Eid al-Adha	Muslim	
Sep-04	Monday	Labor Day	Federal Holiday	
Sep-09	Saturday	Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day	Observance	
Sep-09	Saturday	California Admission Day	Local observance	California
Sep-10	Sunday	National Grandparents Day	Observance	
Sep-11	Monday	Patriot Day	Observance	
Sep-15	Friday	National POW/MIA Recognition Day	Observance	
Sep-17	Sunday	Constitution Day and Citizenship Day	Observance	
Sep-18	Monday	Air Force Birthday	Observance	
Sep-18	Monday	Constitution Day and Citizenship Day observed	Observance	
Sep-20	Wednesday	Navaratri	Hindu Holiday	
Sep-21	Thursday	Rosh Hashana	State holiday	Texas
Sep-21	Thursday	Rosh Hashana	Jewish holiday	
Sep-22	Friday	Muharram	Muslim	
Sep-22	Friday	September equinox	Season	
Sep-22	Friday	Emancipation Day	Local observance	Ohio
Sep-22	Friday	Native Americans' Day	Local observance	California
Sep-24	Sunday	Gold Star Mother's Day	Observance	
Sep-30	Saturday	Yom Kippur	State holiday	Texas
Sep-30	Saturday	Dussehra	Hindu Holiday	
Sep-30	Saturday	Yom Kippur	Jewish holiday	
Oct-02	Monday	Child Health Day	Observance	
Oct-04	Wednesday	Feast of St Francis of Assisi	Christian	
Oct-05	Thursday	First Day of Sukkot	Jewish holiday	
Oct-09	Monday	Leif Erikson Day	Observance	
Oct-09	Monday	Columbus Day	Federal Holiday	All except AK, AR, CA, DE, FL, HI, MI, MN, ND, NV, OR, SD, TX, VT, WA, WI, WY
Oct-09	Monday	Columbus Day	Local observance	Florida
Oct-09	Monday	Native Americans' Day	Local observance	South Dakota
Oct-09	Monday	Indigenous People's Day	Local observance	Alaska
Oct-09	Monday	Indigenous People's Day	Local observance	CA*, MN*, WA*
Oct-11	Wednesday	Last Day of Sukkot	Jewish holiday	
Oct-12	Thursday	Shmini Atzeret	Jewish holiday	
Oct-13	Friday	Simchat Torah	Jewish holiday	
Oct-13	Friday	Navy Birthday	Observance	
Oct-15	Sunday	White Cane Safety Day	Observance	
Oct-16	Monday	Boss's Day	Observance	
Oct-18	Wednesday	Alaska Day	State holiday	Alaska
Oct-27	Friday	Nevada Day	State holiday	Nevada
Oct-31	Tuesday	Halloween	Observance	
Nov-01	Wednesday	All Saints' Day	Christian	
Nov-02	Thursday	All Souls' Day	Christian	
Nov-05	Sunday	Daylight Saving Time ends	Clock change/Daylight Saving Time	
Nov-07	Tuesday	Election Day	State holiday	New Jersey, Virginia
Nov-10	Friday	Marine Corps Birthday	Observance	
Nov-11	Saturday	Veterans Day	Federal Holiday	
Nov-23	Thursday	Thanksgiving Day	Federal Holiday	
Nov-24	Friday	State Holiday	State holiday	Georgia
Nov-24	Friday	Presidents' Day	State holiday	New Mexico
Nov-24	Friday	Lincoln's Birthday/Lincoln's Day	State holiday	Indiana, West Virginia
Nov-24	Friday	Black Friday	State holiday	24 states
Nov-24	Friday	American Indian Heritage Day	State holiday	Maryland
Nov-27	Monday	Cyber Monday	Observance	
Dec-01	Friday	The Prophet's Birthday	Muslim	
Dec-03	Sunday	First Sunday of Advent	Christian	
Dec-06	Wednesday	St Nicholas' Day	Observance	
Dec-07	Thursday	Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day	Observance	
Dec-08	Friday	Feast of the Immaculate Conception	Christian	
Dec-12	Tuesday	Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe	Observance	
Dec-13	Wednesday	Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day)	Jewish holiday	
Dec-13	Wednesday	National Guard Birthday	Observance	
Dec-17	Sunday	Pan American Aviation Day	Observance	
Dec-17	Sunday	Wright Brothers Day	Observance	
Dec-20	Wednesday	Last Day of Chanukah	Jewish holiday	
Dec-21	Thursday	December Solstice	Season	
Dec-24	Sunday	Christmas Eve	State holiday	KS*, LA, MI, NC, ND, OK, SC, TX, VA*, WI
Dec-24	Sunday	Christmas Eve	Observance, Christian	
Dec-25	Monday	Christmas Day	Federal Holiday	
Dec-25	Monday	Christmas Eve observed	State holiday	KS*, LA, MI, NC, ND, OK, SC, TX, VA*, WI
Dec-26	Tuesday	Kwanzaa (until Jan 1)	Observance	
Dec-26	Tuesday	Day After Christmas Day	State holiday	KS, KY, NC, NH, SC, TX
Dec-31	Sunday	New Year's Eve	Observance	
Dec-31	Sunday	New Year's Eve	State holiday	LA, MI, WI

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