2023 news - Summary of news in this year

Movies of the year

Major Movies of 2023

Major Movies of 2023

Title Popularity Rating Awards Description
Galactic Battles: The New Frontier Most Popular 8.9/10 Best Visual Effects
A thrilling continuation of the Galactic Battles saga that takes audiences on an epic journey through new worlds and introduces a new generation of heroes.
The Silent Echo Highly Popular 9.2/10 Best Director, Best Original Screenplay
An intense drama that explores the complexities of human communication and relationships, directed by a critically acclaimed filmmaker.
Whispers of the Past Popular 8.7/10 Best Actor, Best Cinematography
A historical epic that delves into the untold stories of ancient civilizations, featuring a star-studded cast and breathtaking visuals.
Laugh Out Loud Popular 7.5/10 None
A comedy hit that had audiences around the world laughing with its clever humor and heartwarming moments.
Midnight Shadows Critically Acclaimed 9.0/10 Best Actress, Best Original Score
A suspenseful thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its masterful storytelling and stunning performances.

Oscar award winner of year

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Jan 1 - Queen Eliabeth passes away

Jan 3 - Tesla stock reach to new low - $105. Delivery miss in Q4 caused stock to go down further

San Bankman-Fried pead not guilty for fraud charges

Feb 24 - Russia invades Ukraine

Space X successfully launched Starship spacecraft

May 23 -Monkeypox virus spread and it was declared global emergency.

Jun 24 - supremecourt ruling to overtun guarenteed abortion right caused wide spread protest.
July 21 - climate change triggers extreme heatwaves and wildfires. It also speed up process for adopting renewable energy and take measures to protect climate.
Aug 29 - UN IPCC released 6th assessment report. It raised further alarm on climate change.
ep 15 - Protest and unrest in china against Zero covid policy. People raised concerned about human right situation in China
Oct 26 - Taylor wift named Time's person of year.
Nov 28 - UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai (COP28) ended with agreement to end Fossile Fuel. Climate change is driving factor behind it.