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Major Movies of 2022

Major Movies of 2022

Title Popularity Rating Awards
Top Gun: Maverick Highly popular 8.4/10 IMDb Nominated for various awards
Everything Everywhere All at Once Popular 8.1/10 IMDb Won multiple awards at film festivals
The Batman Highly popular 7.9/10 IMDb Nominated for several awards
Avatar: The Way of Water Highly popular 7.8/10 IMDb Expected to be nominated for technical awards
Spider-Man: No Way Home Extremely popular 8.3/10 IMDb Won several audience choice awards
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Popular 7.0/10 IMDb Nominated for visual effects awards
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Popular 7.3/10 IMDb Anticipated to receive nominations for its soundtrack and performances
Elvis Popular 7.6/10 IMDb Won awards for acting and production design
Nope Popular 7.0/10 IMDb Nominated for its cinematography and direction
Don't Worry Darling Popular 6.2/10 IMDb Nominated for art direction and costume design awards

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