Miss Universe 2013 competition

Miss Universe 2013 Notable Facts and Surprises written by: arlalsaehl

The quest for the Miss Universe 2013 culminated with Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler wearing the much-coveted Diamond Nexus Crown. Gabriela’s win is the 7th Miss Universe crown for Venezuela, proving once again that the country is a powerhouse of beauty pageants. Wearing a shimmering silver dress, Miss Venezuela triumphantly bested 85 other contestants in a coronation night held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia on November 9. This is the first time for Russia to host what is touted to be the Olympics of Beauty Pageants.

Rounding up the Top 5 are Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez (First Runner-up); Miss Ecuador Constanza Barz (Second Runner-up); Miss Philippines Ariella Arida (Third Runner-up); and Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliveria (Fourth Runner-up). Completing the Top 16 are the beauties from India, Great Britain, USA, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, China, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Switzerland. 


Notable facts about the Miss Universe 2013 Competition

African Blackout. After 1997, this is the first time that another African blackout happened in Miss Universe. Almost everyone was rooting for Miss Tanzania Betty Omara, but she failed to make it and although one black beauty queen rounded in the Top 16, she was not representing an African country.

Latina Domination and Asian Invasion. Latinas once again dominated the pageant with seven Latin American representatives making it to top 16. The much-expected European domination for Miss Universe 2013, however, didn’t happen as Europe managed to place only 4 beauties in the Top 16, one placement short of its average five placements during the last ten years. For Asians however, this is quite an impressive year with four Asian beauties joining the Top 16 which include Philippines, India, China and Indonesia, besting its ten years average of 2 placements.

Emerging Powerhouse. Venezuela got its 7th Miss Universe crown, one crown short of the powerhouse USA with 8 Miss Universe crowns. This year is also the first and highest placement of Great Britain since the Miss Universe inception when its delegate finally made it to the Top 16. This is also the second time that Indonesia placed in the Top 16 since its participation in Miss Universe, with the first placement back in 2005.

Historic Feat. For this year, Philippines cemented its status as the powerhouse of beauty pageants in Asia, consecutively placing in the Top 5 four years in a row. This is equivalent to the 4-year streak it achieved way back in 1972-1975. This is also a great year for Ecuador, earning its biggest achievement in the Miss Universe history with its second runner-up finish. Ecuador placed in the Top 16 way back in 1981 and in 2004.


Surprises in Miss Universe 2013

Major surprises. No one ever predicted that Miss Venezuela would win this year’s Beauty Olympics. Venezuela never figured out among the top contenders to the crown, so, almost no one saw it coming and was the biggest surprise of the night. Another big surprise was China as she was out of nowhere and no one was really expecting her to be on the Top 16.

Huge Disappointments. Poland was among the biggest disappointment for this year as most pageant sites predicted her to be on the top spot, being one of the most visible candidates and invited in almost every sponsored events. Early favorite and highly-favored to win the crown by some of the leading beauty pageant websites Miss Israel also failed to place in the Top 16. She was the first woman of black descent to represented Israel in the Miss Universe. 

No Politics. Proving that there is no politics involved in the Miss Universe, host country Russia failed to secure a spot disputing the belief that candidate of a host country is given a free ride to the Top 16. Furthermore, Miss Azerbaijan, rumored to have been assured of a Top 16 placement, the owner of Crocus City Hall being from Azerbaijan, also failed to clinch a Top 16 placement.



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