Happy New Year in Basque



BASQUE urte berri on Formal: Urte Berri On! (pronounced: 'oor-te beh-rree on') - This is the most common and straightforward way to say "Happy New Year" in Basque. It literally translates to "New Year Good." Gabon Zahar Berri On eta Urte Berri On! (pronounced: 'gah-bon zah-ahr beh-rree on eh-tah oor-te beh-rree on') - This wishes both a Happy New Year and a Happy Christmas. "Gabon Zahar Berri On" literally translates to "Old Night Good." Informal: Zorionak Urte Berrian! (pronounced: 'zo-ree-o-nak oor-te beh-rree-an') - This is a more informal way to say Happy New Year, similar to saying "Happy New Year!" in English. Zorion Urte Berri eta Beti Alai! (pronounced: 'zo-ree-on oor-te beh-rree eh-tah beh-tee ah-lah-ee') - This wishes both a Happy New Year and "Always Forward!"

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