Happy New Year in Bulgarian



BULGARIAN Щастлива Нова Година!" (pronounced shtast-li-va no-va go-di-na). Here's how to break it down: Щастлива (shtast-li-va) means "happy" Нова (no-va) means "new" Година (go-di-na) means "year" So, literally, it translates to "Happy New Year!" Here are some additional things to keep in mind: You can also add the year to your greeting, for example, "Щастлива Нова 2024 година!" (shtast-li-va no-va 2024 go-di-na) which means "Happy New Year 2024!" If you're feeling more informal, you can simply say "Честита Нова!" (ches-ti-ta no-va) which means "Happy New!"

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